<![CDATA[Nix Comics - HOLY SNOT! a word from the editor]]>Sat, 11 Feb 2017 10:24:46 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Indie Comics Fair 2017 Interest Form]]>Sat, 11 Feb 2017 17:33:15 GMThttp://nixcomics.com/holy-snot-a-word-from-the-editor/indie-comics-fair-2017-interest-formI have scheduled the 5th annual Indie Comics Fair at the Ace of Cups for Saturday, March 4th.  (As always, the event is co-sponsored by Back Porch Comics and SPACE... Columbus's Annual Small press and Comics Expo.  this yeaqr I will get extra help organizing the event by cartoonist Canada Keck.)

This is a very small and informal bar room show that attracts a lot of people from the community who might not attend a more typical comic show.  Vendors will be asked to bring their own tables and pay "whatever they feel the show was worth to them" at the end of the day.

The one catch is that space at the Ace of Cups is very limited.  This year I would like to include some people who haven't been able to sell at the show in the past.  If anyone feels like road tripping from out of town, I'd like to make space for them as well.  

If any of that sounds good to you and you're interested in selling comics at the Indie Comics fair this year, please fill out the form below by February 19th.  (Sorry for the short notice!0 
<![CDATA[TALES FROM THE CRATE #1.1]]>Thu, 26 Jan 2017 19:33:20 GMThttp://nixcomics.com/holy-snot-a-word-from-the-editor/tales-from-the-crate-11
Tales from the Crate is a zine wherein I go to a record sale with a $50 budget and write about the records I purchase. Issue #1 was released last year and I am working issues #2-3 for 2017.  For those of you who can't wait for me to get my act together, here's a similarly formatted blog post about a recent trip to Half Price Books for your reading pleasure!

Location: Half Price Books, 5079 N High Street, Columbus, Oh
Date: 1/24/2017
Event: None, I was just out and about.  
Budget: I didn't have one, but spent $9.40 with Tax

Buy issue #1 of Tales from the Crate for Three Bucks!
(Or look for deals with Records Below!)

Firesign Theater Predicts: In The Next World You’re on your Own
Columbia Records PC 33475
Vinyl: NM  Jacket: VG+
Bought for keepers
Some records I buy just for the album art. The William Stout cartoons on this jacket are beautiful on both sides. If not for the art, I would have passed this LP by. Surrealistic/experimental comedy not my thing, but I know that Firesign Theater usually has a lot of funny one liners.  I was hoping that this record would have enough of those that I could use it to spice up some future music podcasts, but it was hard to weed through the layered sound that is Firesign's trademark to get good clips. I was struck by how similar in tone the comedy was to the Kids in the Hall sketches, which had never occurred to me before.

L.C. Cook: I’m Falling/Please Think of Me
Check: #925
Vinyl: VG- White label promo
Bought for Keepers
One loose rule I have when crate digging: If you see a white label promo 45 on Checker for a quarter, you should pick it up and check it out. All I knew about L.C. Cook was that he was the brother of Sam Cooke.  (Apparently the spelling without the “e” on the end was the family spelling.)  His voice is very similar to Sam’s, but L.C. did lack that special something that took Sam from being good to being an all time great.   Now, "not as good as Sam Cooke" is an unfair bar to set, I think and I'm falling is a good up tempo number and worthy of my collection.

Ben Colder:
Fifteen Beers Ago/Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down
MGM K14209
Vinyl: VG+
Bought for resale
Ben Colder is the alter ego of Sheb Wooley (of Purple People Eater fame), and his records were satirical reworded versions of country hits and classics.  He was pretty much the C&W version of Weird Al.  I can’t think of a better target for that treatment than the ultra earnest Kris Kristofferson song tune Most of the Ben Colder Albums had Jack Davis art on the cover and are worth the pick up.

Buy This Record With Tales From the Crate #1 for Four Bucks!

Jay and the Techniques:
Stronger Than Dirt/Apples, Peaches and Pumpkin Pie
Smash S-2086
Vinyl: VG+
Bought for Resale with custom picture Sleeve
Alright, Apples, Peaches and Pumpkin Pie was actually the A side and hit for this eastern PA R&B band, but like a lot of 80s and 90s garage rock fans i was introduced to Stronger than Dirt by the Mummies, with their… um... stripped down version on the Never been caught LP.

Jay and the Techniques
Keep the Ball Rollin’/Here We Go Again
Smash S-2124
Vinyl: Poor
Bought for Keepers
I had never heard any Jay & the Techniques Songs other than the ones on the Stronger Dirt record.  These are both good, if unremarkable, small market soul songs.  Unfortunately, an innocuous looking scratch on side A causes a repeat skip and this copy of Keep The Ball Rollin’ is going to the “craft” pile.

Stray Cats: Rock This Town/You Can’t Hurry Love
EMI America B-8132

Vinyl: VG+

Bought for resale with custom picture sleeve

Ah, the much maligned Stray Cats.  I duly suggest that the folks I know who hate on them get over it.  Yes, they had a cartoonish vibe to them, but thanks to a strong Dave Edmunds influence, they had some good radio songs. There are significantly greater offenders from the same period. 
That said, the B-Side cover of the Supremes “You Can’t Hurry Love” is just as misguided and nearly as unfortunate as the Phil Collins version.  (The bit of Setzer guitar flourish helps bump it up a notch.)

Bobby Freeman:
C’Mon and Swim/C’Mon and Swim Pt 2

Autumn records Record No 2

Vinyl: VG-

Bought for resale with custom picture sleeve
If I was forced to listen to just one 60s dance craze song ever again, you could keep your twist and watusi, because Bobby Freeman’s “C’Mon and Swim” is by far the most rockin’. Side B is kind of a rip.  Named pt 2, it’s really just the same song with a fade in.  A weird bit of cheapskatery, given that he did have a whole album come out at about the same time.

Earl Scruggs and the Earl Scruggs Revue:
Lonesome and a long way from Home (Stereo/mono)
Columbia 4-45560 WLP Promo
Vinyl: VG+
Bought for Resale
Earl Scruggs and his family hit the 70s hard with some up tempo bluegrass sounds, trying to reach the folks being drawn into country music by the popularity of things like Hee Haw and the TV ready appearance of the Mandrell sisters.. Not a big fan, but I can see why some people would like it.

Buy this record with Tales from the Crate #1 for Four Bucks

Jimmy Cliff: Wonderful World, Beautiful People/Waterfall
A&M: 1146

Vinyl: VG

Bought for: Keepers
I’m not a huge Reggae fan, but I do love me some Jimmy Cliff.  It’s always been a big source of wonderment to me that Marley became the face of Reggae to the american public when Cliff was so much poppier and ready fro radio.  Perhaps the brevity of the songs lent to that a little.  It’s easier for a DJ to get up and take a leak during a 7 minute jam a two minute pop ditty.

The Nightcrawlers: Little Black Egg/You’re Running Wild
Kapp K-709
Vinyl: VG-
Bought for resale with picture sleeve print
This is a pretty easy to find garage rock classic turned punk rock fave thanks to covers by the Pagans and Rattlers.  I always pick up copies since I have a picture sleeve ready to print up to sell with it.  One of two such scores on this trip!

Roy Clark: On The Tips of My Fingers/Spooky Movies
Capitol 4956
Vinyl: VG
Bought for resale with picture sleeve print
Not a big fan of Roy Clark, or the A side hit of this record, On the Tips of My fingers.  That said, I L-U-V love the flip, spooky Movies, which is a rock-pop song in the vein of Brenda Lee's "My Baby Loves All The Western Guys".

The Who: Happy Jack/Whiskey Man
Decca 32114

Vinyl: G

Bought for resale with custom picture sleeve

Happy Jack is a solid radio hit single from the Who, but I picked this record up to do a fun picture sleeve of the weird and moody John Entwhistle penned B-Side, Whiskey Man.  (Presumably Enthwhistle's alcoholic alter ego.)

Steve Earle: Someday/Hillbilly Highway
MCA 62920
Vinyl: VG+
Bought for resale
Not to steal Jeff Foxworthy’s tired bit, but “you might be a hipster if…” you like Steve Earle.  I like Steve Earle.  The MCA records came out early in his career when they were still trying to fit him with a ill fitting imitation nudie suit, but they have a kernel of what everyone likes about Earle… that yearning hungry feeling. I think I have them all, so this one is up for resale.


Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Three
Special Coin Operator Release for “Hello I’m Johnny Cash” Columbia 7-9943
Side 1: To Beat The Devil, Sing A Traveling song
Side 2: I’ve Got a Thing About Trains, Wrinkled Crinkled Wadded Dollar Bill, Southwind
Vinyl: VG+
Bought for Resale
This record would’ve been sent to jukebox operators as a promotional sampler, and would have come with a bunch of smaller pictures and juke box strips.  (Of course, the record itself was no good just to plug in a juke as it plays at 33 as opposed to 45.)I don’t feel like this was one of Cash’s better records mostly because the cloying back up vocals ruin some otherwise good songs. I do think that “I ain’t sayin’ that I beat the Devil, but I drank his beer for free” is one of the great lines about the devil.  Watch for that line to be lifted into a future issue of Nix Comics Quarterly!

Buy This Record with a copy of TFC #1 for Five Bucks

The Now Wave Sampler
Columbia AE7 1187
Side 1: The Sinceros: Take Me To our Leader, Hounds: Doo Wah Diddy Diddy Diddy
Side 2:The Beat: Don’t Wait Up For Me, Jules and the Polar Bears: good Reason
Vinyl: Poor
Pic Sleeve: VG
Bought for resale
Another jukebox sampler, this one with a pic sleeve that includes record review blurbs.  All of these bands were signed by Columbia, no doubt, to try and cash in on the punk sound without all of that pesky antisocial rebellious attitude. You can call it power pop if you like. The bands on side one are the worst examples of this corporate punk.  
While The Sinceros take Me To your leader is just kind of dull, but The Hounds version of Do wah Diddy Diddy is like nails on a chalkboard. Side 2 is a complete redemption.  The Beat is one of my favorite bands and “Don’t Wait Up” is one of their best songs.  Good Reason by Jules and the Polar Bears is my favorite song by a good band. (As opposed to a favorite band, like the Beat)  
I had thought this one was a real score, resalable at $4-5 for my 25 cent investment. Unfortunately, this song has a skip on Side two, foiling my resale hopes.

Lefty Frizzell: I Love You Mostly/Mama!
Columbia 4-21328

Vinyl: VG

Bought for Keepers
While Hank Williams is the consensus father of country music, Lefty Frizzell was a notable peer with a similar style, who by virtue of his survival into the 70s, allowed us to see how Williams style might have evolved.  This 1954 release is a clear stepping stone to the rock influenced bakersfield sound of the 60s and 70s

<![CDATA[Nix Comics Winter and Fall 2017 Plans]]>Wed, 11 Jan 2017 19:51:22 GMThttp://nixcomics.com/holy-snot-a-word-from-the-editor/nix-comics-winter-and-fall-2017-plansThis blog has been a lonely rarely visited place pretty much since it’s inception.  By the author, that is. The dirty half dozen or die hard Nix fans have usually read it when I have posted. At any rate, that’s about to change for the short term, because yesterday was my last day at a job that I had held for 10 years.  It was amicable split, both the organization and my needs had gradually changed over the years and I felt it was time for a change. I’m going to take a couple of months to reset my habits, work on my personal skills as a writer and artist and hone the business workings of Nix Comics.

The last bit is probably the toughest chore.  My day job had been the backbone of Nix Comics.  I could pretty much do whatever I wanted without worry about whether or not it sold well.  That’s going to have to change some. It’s a safe assumption that if you’re reading this blog that you’re familiar with the ins and outs of small press and DIY culture.  In the case of cartoonists and comic makers, the proceeds of one comic pays for the next, so if something doesn’t sell, it’s a big deal.  That’s a big part of why crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter are so popular with artists but also why they often have a sense of desperation to them.

So what’s the plan to keep my comics going while I'm unemployed? Picture
Nix Comics Retail at What The Rock?!:
Even before my decision to leave my job, I had been wrestling with the notion that I needed a way to fund Nix Comics, so when my friends who run the gift Boutique, What the Rock?! Offered me some space to set up within their new store location in my neighborhood, I jumped.  Basically I have a 10x10 room within their store sell whatever comics, records and artwork I want to.  Like a lot of flea market and antique mall set ups, I’ll work a few days a month, but mostly they’ll run the register and tracking sells.  

This is a real throwback to the origins Nix Comics, since I funded the first year of publications by selling off the merchandise from my last record store, Evil Empire Records.  The big difference will be that I want to focus on a lot of direct from artist/label/distro exclusives.

The grand opening date for the new What The Rock?! Space hasn’t been set yet, but I’ll be sure to let you know when it’s coming!

PictureHelp get books like these into stores near you!
Make100 Catalogs:
Don’t take the comments above as an indication that I’m abandoning crowdfunding. Right now it is simply the most productive vehicle for getting a project completed in a timely manner.  I think, though, that I want to put a different spin on what I seek crowdfunding for in the future. Instead of asking for funds to put out a single issue or even a series of issues, I am only going to ask for funds for things that will help me build the infrastructure that will sell comics without Kickstarter.

What am I talking about? Well, for instance, Recently I received an invite from Kickstarter to take part in their Make100 project, which is pretty much what you’d expect it to be: A request to run campaigns with the purpose of making a limited run of 100 for specific items.  Right now my plan is to launch a kickstarter that will fund the production and provide postage for 100 wholesale Catalogs with sample copies of my 1st four issues to record stores outside of my normal reach. Backers will have the option of sticker sets, trading cards and Nix back issues to help me reach my goal.  Expect to see me pitching this to you on social media within a week of this post.

Focus on low budget publications for fit half of year:
The biggest expense for making an issue Nix Comics Quarterly or Nix Western is paying the artists involved. I’m not willing to lower the rates that I offer for stories, so while I sort out my I’ll have to focus on low budget items I can produce, titles like  Tales from the Crate, Buck Slaughter’s Book of Rock N Roll Facts and Belligerent Kitties.  

I have all of the materials for two issues of Tales from the Crate and Buck Slaughter #2 is scripted.  Belligerent kitties will be done in what I hope will become traditional slap-dash manner for that loathesome-but-high-reward-to-effort-ratio publication. 

Watch for Tales from the Crate #2 in early February and the other titles to follow soon afterwards!

Be incessant on-line:
Finally, expect to hear a lot more from me.  I’ll be doing a lot of writing and a lot of drawing, sharing it warts and all.  (A least a rockstar drawing a day, which those of you following my instagram already know!)  

I’ll be shilling for merchandise in the What The Rock?! Shop.  So there will be a lot of info about records for sale and non-Nix comics. I would understand if you tune out, but please trust me to do this in a fun and/or informative way

Along those lines, I also hope to do some fun stuff like some music podcasts, trivia contests with giveaways and maybe some art shows.

Basically, in a month or two you’ll be sick of me and ready for me to take a new day job!

<![CDATA[Nix Comics Quarterly #9 Playlist]]>Thu, 25 Aug 2016 11:33:10 GMThttp://nixcomics.com/holy-snot-a-word-from-the-editor/nix-comics-quarterly-9-playlist
What should you be listening to while reading the next issue of Nix Comics Quarterly?  Here’s a suggested playlist based on the cover and feature stories.  (Hopefully this Spotify playlist puts a couple extra shekels in the pockets of the artists.  I encourage you to buy their rekkids and CDs) :
The Cover:
The Cramps: New Kind of Kick
The Atomic Mosquitos: Satan’s Stopwatch

Cover artist Stephen Blickenstaff is well known for his album art for The Cramps Bad Music for Bad People LP and is a musician himself, playing for the Surf act The Atomic Mosquitos who just recently opened for the King of Surf Guitar Hisself, Dick Dale in PIttsburgh!  

Hellhounds on My Trail
Robert Johnson: Hellhound on My Trail
The Emperors: Karate
The Muffs: Brand New Chevy

Illustrated by Pat Redding Scanlon, Hellhounds on my trail gives a more formal introduction to the character who appeared as part of the Vicar story.   Basically Ana Tatsura lives her life running from hellhounds set on her by the Devil... Not that it bothers this musician, master of the martial arts and hot rod ​aficionado!
The Shoplift Horror
The Supersuckers:
Rock N Roll Records ain't Sellin' This Year
The Slits: Shoplifting

Mick Collins: Hoodlum, AD

Written by Christian Hoffer and illustrated by Andy Bennett, The Shoplift Horror continues the post-apocalyptic story of the last record store owner on earth...  Would you believe that ​the world has been overrun by lovecraftian horrors unleashed by digital music and shop owners still have to deal with triflin' petty theft!  
The Vicar: Whispers In the Alley
The King Khan & BBQ Show:
Killing The Wolfman

Johnny Thunders: Ask Me No Questions

Davie Allan & The Arrows: Devil Dust

Michael Neno illustrates the latest installment of the Vicar series, which opens with a the monster hunting band leader vanquishing a werewolf and ends with his guitarist and right hand man, Alberto, flirting with temptation in the alleyway! 

Verna’s Somnabulistic Adventure
Sam The Sham and the Pharaohs: I’ve Got A Voodoo Doll

The Cramps: Naked Girl Falling Down The Stairs
The Scream

Gideon Kendall
illustrates the story of  a couple of roommates who.. um... fall hard for some rare Beatles memorabilia! 

<![CDATA[Order Your Glow-In-The Dark Nix Comics Tee-Shirt]]>Tue, 07 Jun 2016 00:33:03 GMThttp://nixcomics.com/holy-snot-a-word-from-the-editor/pre-order-your-glow-in-the-dark-nix-comics-tee-shirt Picture

Nix Comics is proud to present our latest Tee-shirt design, created by Pat Redding Scanlon: A graphic designer and true comics vet who has done everything from contribute in indie anthologies to edit at mighty Marvel.  You can pick up some of her work in the Nix reprint of Pure Entertainment!

T-shirt will be glow in the dark ink on a Black Gildan Tee.

Tee-Shirts will be $20 if picked up locally in Columbus, Ohio, or $27 if shipped within the US. As with previous Nix Comics Tee-shirt sales, tee-shirts will only be made if a minimum of 20 are pre-ordered and only limited extra shirts will be made.

The Artist will receive $6 per shirt sold.

Assuming the minimum order threshold is met, paypal invoices will be sent July 8 and shirts will ship July 15, 2016. 

Don't Forget The SPRING SALE!  Free Shipping on all Nix Comics until June 19th.

<![CDATA[Sketch In The City Submissions]]>Sun, 31 Jan 2016 19:51:15 GMThttp://nixcomics.com/holy-snot-a-word-from-the-editor/sketch-in-the-city-submissionsIf you are a cartoonist who lives or works in the Columbus area and would like to be considered for a six week run in the Columbus Alive's Sketch In The City feature, send an email to me at ken@nixcomics.com with the subject line: Sketch In The City Submission.

In the body of the email, be sure to include:

  • One paragraph introducing yourself and giving a brief history of your experience as a cartoonist.  (Yes, even if we are buddy-old-pals.)  Include links to some complete cartoon or comic work.
  • One paragraph with the perspective title and description of what your six issue run of comics would be about.  Themes and genres are completely up to the artist as long as it ties into the City of Columbus in some fashion.
  • A six item bullet list outline of with more specific information about what each episode in your run would be about.
  • Contact information including your legal name, your preferred moniker, your phone number and any websites, facebook pages or twitter handles.
  • Sketches of the proposed cartoon would help a lot, but aren’t required.  If you want to mock up a whole strip, the final print size of each issue’s cartoon will be 4.6075” Wide by 7.5” high.

Tips For Getting Accepted:
I won’t make any promises about anyone thing getting you a gig, but here are some things to take into consideration:

Make Sure You Give Me EVERYTHING I’ve asked for above:
Consider it your first job interview question.  Think of it this way, if you can’t read through a list of requirements, why should I trust you to pay attention to deadlines?  I’m a real stickler for this kind of thing and will turn down talented artists in a heartbeat if I feel that they can’t take basic instruction.

Also, there’s no hard deadline here.  Take enough time to put a good submission together.  If you have questions, ask me.

Have Fun With Your Proposal:
Here is the general directive for story themes I received from Alive Editor Justin McIntosh:

“We’re loosely aiming for these strips to be, broadly, about Columbus. I want it to be loosely defined to provide greater artistic freedom and a wide range of voices over the long-term. One artist could tell a historical story about Columbus, another could feature speculative fiction. One could invent a Columbus super hero, while another envisions the city being attacked by aliens. One could be slice-of-life, another a memoir. As long as it’s about Columbus in some way, we’re good.”

Basically, both Justin wants you to strut your stuff.  (Me too! So create a submission based on your tastes and your strengths.)

Be a Cheerleader:
The length of time that this feature will run in the Alive will no doubt revolve around response it gets from the public, so do your part: like and share the cartoons as they show up on Alive facebook page,  retweet the Alive blurbs about it on twitter and do whatever it is exactly people do to share on G+, while it’s still a thing. 

(Obviously, this isn’t a requirement, but you better believe that I’ll be watching which cartoonists are doing their part to help make this feature a success by cheerleading for it on social media.   All things being equal, cartoonists showing some community spirit, as it were, will get more gigs than those who don’t.)
<![CDATA[INDIE COMIX FAIR FAQ]]>Wed, 27 Jan 2016 15:19:10 GMThttp://nixcomics.com/holy-snot-a-word-from-the-editor/indie-comix-fair-faqPicturePoster Art by Michael Neno
What is it?
The Indie Comix Fair (ICF) is an annual event where Columbus and Ohio area comic artists and writers set up and show off their creations at the Ace of Cups bar. (2619 N High Street, Columbus, Ohio)  It’s as much (or even more of) a meet and greet with the neighborhood and general public as it is a comic book convention!

The ICF is put on by Nix Comics and sponsored by the Small Press and Comics Expo.

When is it?
This year’s Indie Comic will be held on Saturday, March 5th from 12-6pm.

Who Will Be There?
Eric Blair/Moon Rock Collective                                  http://www.moonrockcollective.com/
Craig Bogart/Mystery City Comics                              https://www.facebook.com/mysterycitycomics
Mat Calvert/Calvert comics                                         http://www.calvertcomics.com/
Emily Clouse                                                               https://emilyfcomics.wordpress.com/
Jed Collins                                                                  http://jedcollins.com/
Bob Corby/Back Porch Comics / SPACE                    http://www.backporchcomics.com/space.htm
BJ DuVall of Source Point Press                                http://www.sourcepointpress.com/
Ken Eppstein of Nix Comics                                       http://Nixcomics.com
Mike Eshelman of DuskBunnies Comics                    http://duskbunnies.storenvy.com/
Evette Makes Things                                                  http://www.evettemakesthings.com/
Alex Heberling                                                            http://thehues.alexheberling.com/
Travis Horseman                                                        http://www.amiculusrome.com/
Canada Keck                
James Moore /2 Headed Monster Comics                 http://www.2headedmonstercomics.com/
Michael Neno/MR Neno Productions                         http://www.nenoworld.com/
Eric Palicki                                                                 http://ericpalicki.com/
Maryanne Rose Papke/Silver Kraken                        http://www.silverkraken.com/
Steve Steiner/Mullet Turtle Comics                            http://mulletturtle.storenvy.com/
Cailey Tervo                                                              http://caileytervo.com/
William Tooker/Creephouse Comics                          http://creephousecomics.com/
Jack Wallace/Disposable Fiction Comics                  http://www.disposablefictioncomics.com/
Michael Watson/Legacy Rising Publishing               https://www.facebook.com/fskomics/
Josh White                                                                 http://joshwhitecomics.tumblr.com/

How Much Does It Cost To Get In?
Zip. Zilch.  Nada!  Admission is free.  Come on in and spend the money on comics and cocktails!

Are My Kids Welcome?
The ICF takes place in a bar that will be open and serving, so any minors attending must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. We do not censor or edit the content of the works presented, so some may be considered for more mature audiences. If that all is agreeable to you as a concerned parent/guardian, kids are welcome.

I Have Questions That Aren’t Answered Here.  Who Do I Yell At?
Any questions about the ICF should be directed to ken@nixcomics.com

<![CDATA[Nix Comics "Page Rates"]]>Thu, 21 Jan 2016 20:03:37 GMThttp://nixcomics.com/holy-snot-a-word-from-the-editor/nix-comics-page-ratesFair Page Rates:

A couple weeks ago I checked out some survey results posted on a website which is dedicated to addressing the issues of artist pay in the comics industry.  You can check that survey out here: http://fairpagerates.com/year-in-review/

I applaud the site’s intent, but am not sure that the execution is sharp as it could be.  While the pool of respondents is limited, I like that it gives me some insight to the what the mainstream is paying artists and gives me a starting point for seeing how I stack up.

It’s not an easy comparison… I’ve never offered a page rate.  For Nix Comics Quarterly I offer “story rates” of $150 or $300.  A $150 story is one to three pages long. A $300 story is four to eight pages long.  Generally speaking these are stories I’ve written and am hiring someone to pencil, ink, color and letter.  In some cases there is a third party writer and/or more than one artist involved.  In those cases the team decides how to split up the $150/$300 amongst themselves with minimal input from me.  Here's the how those story rates would break down into page rates.  (Some are OK.  Some are gruesome.)

Nix Comics Quarterly #1
Story                                                                 Story Rate                Pages                 Page Rate
The Devil and Ellis Church                          $300.00                         7                         $42.86
 Bus Stop Ned Goes To Peru                      $150.00                         1                       $150.00
 Alone In the Dark                                          $150.00                         2                         $75.00
 It's Tuesday Night in Ohio                           $300.00                         4                         $75.00
 Bus Stop Ned Sings                                      $150.00                        1                       $150.00
 God Loves, Man Kills?                                 $300.00                         4                         $75.00
Nix Comics Quarterly #2
Story                                                                 Story Rate                Pages                 Page Rate
Good Night Aleister Crowe                          $300.00                          4                       $75.00 
What the Chuck?                                            $300.00                         5                      $60.00 
 Coffee Break                                                  $150.00                         3                       $50.00 
 Where The Hell is Bill                                   $300.00                         4                       $75.00 
 Bus Stop Ned All Shook Up                        $150.00                         1                     $150.00 
 Zombies!                                                         $300.00                         5                       $60.00
Nix Comics Quarterly #3
Story                                                                 Story Rate                Pages                 Page Rate
The Devil's Record Collection                    $300.00                           6                       $50.00 
Did It Really Happen? Joe Tex vs. JB        $150.00                          1                     $150.00 
Bus Stop Ned Be Illin'                                    $150.00                          1                     $150.00 
Mrs. Peterson & The Wolf                              $300.00                         5                        $60.00 
Bus Stop Ned Reads Between the Lines   $150.00                         1                      $150.00 
Here Be Dragons                                            $300.00                         4                        $75.00 
Terror At the State Fair                                   $150.00                        2                         $75.00
Nix Comics Quarterly #4
Story                                                                 Story Rate                Pages                 Page Rate 
Eddie and Squid                                             $300.00                         4                         $75.00 
Mononomicon                                                  $300.00                        5                          $60.00 
Bus Stop Ned fiddles Around                       $150.00                         1                       $150.00 
Quick Joey small and the Devil                     $300.00                       7                          $42.86 
Bus Stop Ned Develops an App                  $150.00                         1                       $150.00 
The Blade Cuts Both Ways                            $300.00                        5                         $60.00 
 Did It Really Happen? Ray Davies             $150.00                        2                         $75.00
Nix Comics Quarterly #5
Story                                                                 Story Rate                Pages                 Page Rate  
Old Man Wants to be Alone                           $300.00                       6                          $50.00 
Did It Really Happen? Screamin' Jay           $150.00                      2                          $75.00 
 It Felt Like A Kiss                                             $150.00                       3                          $50.00 
 That Dog Don't Hunt                                       $300.00                       5                          $60.00 
 Bus Stop Ned Goes Blind                              $150.00                      1                        $150.00 
 The Devil and Stagger Lee                            $300.00                      6                          $50.00 
 Lascaux France 15000BC                              $150.00                      2                         $75.00
Nix Comics Quarterly #6
Story                                                                 Story Rate                Pages                 Page Rate  
The Red Hand Satin                                       $300.00                       4                          $75.00 
Moral of the Story                                            $150.00                       2                           $75.00 
Monster Hunter                                                $300.00                       4                          $75.00 
Hard Truth of Life                                             $300.00                       6                          $50.00 
Bus Stop Ned is Job Hunting                       $150.00                        1                        $150.00 
Did It Really Happen? Bobby Fuller           $150.00                         2                         $75.00 
The Vicar meets The Invisible Hand           $300.00                        6                         $50.00 
Bus Stop Ned's Sister                                     $150.00                       1                       $150.00 
Nix Comics Quarterly #7
Story                                                                 Story Rate                Pages                 Page Rate  
MP3s of Madness                                              $300.00                     4                           $75.00 
Sanctuary                                                            $300.00                     6                           $50.00 
Vicar Ain't Got time for Love                             $300.00                    4                            $75.00 
Did It Really Happen? S.B. Williamson         $150.00                     1                         $150.00 
Do this for Chuck                                               $300.00                     5                           $60.00 
Bus Stop Ned Soup Is Good Food                 $150.00                     1                         $150.00 
Perilous Radio                                                    $300.00                    4                           $75.00 
Bus Stop Ned is Good With Names                $150.00                    1                         $150.00
Nix Comics Quarterly #8
Story                                                                 Story Rate                Pages                 Page Rate  
How To Succeed in Indie Comics                  $300.00                     4                         $75.00 
The Music of Eric Slowhand                            $300.00                     5                         $60.00
Vicar: Only In Dreams                                       $300.00                    4                         $75.00 

Rejected Nix Stories                                         $150.00                     2                        $75.00 
Excitable Boy                                                     $450.00                     9                        $50.00 
Bus Stop Ned Finds Jesus                              $150.00                     1                      $150.00 
Did It Really Happen? The Cramps               $150.00                     1                      $150.00 
Bus Stop Ned's Limited Vocabulary               $150.00                    1                       $150.00
Do You Remember Rock N Roll Record Stores?
Story                                         Story Rate                Pages                 Page Rate
DYR (Whole Issue)                $2125                           24                       $88.54
Nix Comics For Kids
Story                                         Story Rate                Pages                 Page Rate
NCK #2 (Whole Issue)              $300                           20                       $15
NCK #3 (Whole Issue)              $300                           20                       $15  
Nix Western Comics
Story                                         Story Rate                Pages                 Page Rate
NWC #2: Big Dummy                $500                           18                       $27.78
NWC #2 Red Handed               $500                           10                       $50

NWC #3 Coward Earl vance    $650                           13                      $50
NWC #3 Devil's Own Hands     $500                           11                      $45.45
I have paid $300 to artists for the covers to Nix Comics Quarterly 1-8, Nix Western Comics 2-3, Do You Remember Rock N Roll Record Stores and Jim Shepard: Negotiate Nothing.

Pubs That Don't Quite Fit the Page Rate Mold:

Publication                                                                 Payment

Closing Doors                                                            $500 plus 100 copies to Reprint
Pure Entertainment                                                   $800 to Reprint
Nix Western Comics #1                                           Split per sale, $606.89 to date
Nix Comics for Kids #1                                            Split per sale, $113.76 to date
Belligerent Kitties                                                     10 Copies of mini-comic or profit split on sales (Artist choice, $87.87 paid out total) 
Nix Mini Comix #1                                                     $150 for one mini
Nix Mini Comix #2                                                     $150 for one mini 
Jim Shepard Negotiate Nothing                             $300 for 2 pages plus spot illustrations
<![CDATA[Indie Comics Fair Vendor Interest Form]]>Wed, 06 Jan 2016 14:02:27 GMThttp://nixcomics.com/holy-snot-a-word-from-the-editor/indie-comics-fair-vendor-interest-form I have scheduled the 5th annual Indie Comics Fair at the Ace of Cups for Saturday, March  5th.  (As always, the event is co-sponsored by Back Porch Comics and SPACE... Columbus's Annual Small press and Comics Expo)

This is a very small and informal bar room show that attracts a lot of people from the community who might not attend a more typical comic show.  Vendors will be asked to bring their own tables and pay "whatever they feel the show was worth to them" at the end of the day.

The one catch is that space at the Ace of Cups is very limited.  This year I would like to include some people who haven't been able to sell at the show in the past or were wait-listed in past years.  If anyone feels like road tripping from out of town, I'd like to make space for them as well.  

If any of that sounds good to you and you're interested in selling comics at the Indie Comics fair this year, please fill out the form below by January 31st. 
<![CDATA[Nix Comics 2015 Revenue and Expenses]]>Thu, 31 Dec 2015 23:07:34 GMThttp://nixcomics.com/holy-snot-a-word-from-the-editor/nix-comics-2015-revenue-and-expenses2015 was a good year for me.  I wrapped up my obligations to 2014 subscribers, released 3 full length comics, a 20 page comic-zine and a truly stupid mini comic, ran a decent sized indie comics convention with a month's lead time and came very close to breaking even on expenses versus revenue. 

As I have done every year, I'm going to post up my revenue and expenses for Nix Comics.  I do this in part because I believe in keeping business transparent to both my fans and contributors and also as a reminder to myself that even with various successes, I'm a long way away from quitting my day job!

Anyways, here are the numbers, with notes and comments below.  

Art                                                       $5,171.87
Printing                                              $2,611.21
"Swami Swag"                                     $869.78
Postage                                                 $811.99
Table Fees                                           $664.00
Event costs                                           $550.00
Contractor Work and Consultants   $422.00
Shipping Supplies                              $286.92
Transaction Fees                                $164.85
Consignment Payments                    $126.46
Website                                                 $124.39
Sales Tax Paid                                      $84.38
Ads & Sponsorships                             $64.99

Total Expenses                              $11,952.84

Retail Sales & Crowdfunding                                         $5,390.05
SITC Column                                                                     $2,575.00
Event Sponsorships, Tickets and Table Fees             $1,616.00
Wholesale Orders                                                                $699.56
Advertising                                                                            $387.50
Sales Tax Collected                                                              $21.29

Total Revenue                                                                $10,689.40
NET                                                                                     -$1,263.44

Profit/Loss                                                                              -10.57%
Comments and definitions on Expenses:

Art: This line item includes payments for stories appearing in Nix Publications, Poster and advertising art and to contributors for the Columbus Alive’s Sketch in the City (SITC). Writers other than myself have been lumped into the Art category.  I am very proud that it is my number one expense.  I feel like its my job as a publisher to find quality artists, pay them for their hard work and have faith that their contributions will eventually lead to me recouping the money I've spent.

Printing: Includes both printing of comics and promotional material like posters and handbills.  All of the printers I used this year are local to Columbus and I hope to continue to contribute to the local economy in this fashion in 2016.  

Swami Swag: Wholesale purchases of new and used comics and records to be resold at shows and to members of “Thee Swami’s Secret Comix & Rekkids Sect.”  This includes custom drawn picture sleeves and other "crafty" endeavors like the hand bound duct tape editions of Nix Comics runs.  In 2016 I plan to return to my small business roots and open up this website to be more of a mail order site.  (The idea being taht I can make a little extra cash for publishing and reach some of the folks who SHOULD be reading nix based on their music and comix tastes.)

Postage: Cost of shipping website orders, crowdfunding rewards, and gratis copies

Table Fees: Cost of tables and booths at events.  I did pretty well at shows this year, only a couple of times failing to meet my benchmark for a "good show" of one and a half times table fee in sales.  The WFMU Record Fair was the first time ever I traveled a significant distance to a show with a large table fee and exceeded that benchmark.

Event costs: Despite the success at shows, this year really drove home to me that running small locla events for both myself and my peers is the best way to have success. These event costs are direct costs (Venue rental, Paying performers, etc.) of running events like Extra SPACE, The Indie Comics Fair, The Wang Dang Doodle Pop up Store and others.  It is a little deceptive in that it does not include advertising art or poster printing, which are included in the categories above, so does not give a full on vision of the expenses involved wih running shows.

Contractor Work and Consultants:  I've reached the point with Nix Comics that I don't feel like I can rn the whole thing.  At times this year I have hired people to do work for me, ranging from help with social media posts to data entry, scanning and photography of merchandise for resale.

Shipping Supplies: Rigid cardboard mailers, Tape, packing material, et. al.  

Transaction fees: Both Paypal fees and crowd funding site fees.  The crowd funding fees are kind of a drag...  They aren't so significant that they outweigh the vaue of the extra readers that Kickstarter or Indie Go Go bring to the party, but I sure wish that people would just come to the website and order stuff without the third party platform!

Consignment payments: At various events I have sold other artists work on consignment, at splits ranging from 50/50 to 75/25 in the artist’s favor.

Website:  Cost for hosting Nixcomics.com and sitting on belligerentkitties.com

Sales Tax Paid: Sales tax due for the second half of 2014 and first half of 2015, backed out of total sales.  Second half of 2015 is due in January.

Ads & Sponsorships: Money spent for advertisements for Nix Comics at other events or in other publications.  These sponsorships are almost always dne as a favor... I don't feel like they benefit Nix much, but do help some great events and publications stay afloat.

Comments and Definitions on Revenue:

Retail Sales and Crowdfunding: This line item includes all person to person sales of Nix Comics publications and “Swami Swag” at events, website sales and crowd funding rewards.  Includes shipping fees charged.

Event Sponsorships, Tickets and Table Fees:
Money taken in for tables/booths at events I've run and admission tickets for the Wreckless Eric show.

SITC Column: Payments for writing/editing the Columbus Alive SITC feature, split with artists.  This also also includes a couple of miscellaneous writing assignments.  

Wholesale Orders: Books sold directly to stores for resale.  This includes shipping to a couple of out of town vendors, which is pretty cool.

Advertising: Revenue from ads placed in Nix Comics publications.

Sales Tax Collected: Ordinarily I don’t collect sales tax, backing it out of sales when due instead of burdening myself with math and carrying coins at shows.  It was necessary for various reasons to collect sales tax at a couple of this year’s events.

Comments on Profit/Loss:
Interestingly (to me at least) the notion of profit and loss have been brought up in regards to sets of numbers I've posted.  I've added information on the total loss I took in the form of a Net cash loss and a percentage loss calculated as (Revenue-Expenses)/expenses.
Profit and loss by percentage over the past 5 years