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I am very pleased to announce that I’ll be editing and curating a series of cartoons by local artists in the Columbus Alive beginning with the Thursday May 1st issue!  Each artist will get a six week run to tell stories that are in some way or fashion about Columbus.  First up will be one of the talented and prolific cartoonists, Max Ink!

Columbus is quickly gaining national recognition as a hotspot for cartoonists and comic book creators, but in one of those odd quirks of underground art, our artists aren’t very well recognized locally.   That strikes me as odd in a city where we show such fierce pride to our sports franchises, music scene and restaurants…  But there it is.

The idea behind this feature is to introduce this city to the artists that they didn’t realize they could brag on.   (You can start bragging... now!)

If you are a local cartoonist who lives or works in the Columbus area and would like to be considered for a six week run, send an email to me at with the subject line: Sketch In The City Submission.

In the body of the email, be sure to include:
  • One paragraph introducing yourself and giving a brief history of your experience as a cartoonist.  (Yes, even if we are buddy-old-pals.)  Include links to some complete cartoon or comic work.
  • One paragraph with the perspective title and description of what your six issue run of comics would be about.  Themes and genres are completely up to the artist as long as it ties into the City of Columbus in some fashion.
  • A six item bullet list outline of with more specific information about what each episode in your run would be about.
  • Contact information including your legal name, your preferred moniker, your phone number and any websites, facebook pages or twitter handles.
  • Sketches of the proposed cartoon would help a lot, but aren’t required.  If you want to mock up a whole strip, the final print size of each issue’s cartoon will be 4.6075” Wide by 7.5” high.

Tips For Getting Accepted:
I won’t make any promises about anyone thing getting you a gig, but here are some things to take into consideration:

Make Sure You Give Me EVERYTHING I’ve asked for above:
Consider it your first job interview question.  Think of it this way, if you can’t read through a list of requirements, why should I trust you to pay attention to deadlines?  I’m a real stickler for this kind of thing and will turn down talented artists in a heartbeat if I feel that they can’t take basic instruction.

Also, there’s no hard deadline here.  Take enough time to put a good submission together.  If you have questions, ask me.

Have Fun With Your Proposal:
Here is the general directive for story themes I received from Alive Editor Justin McIntosh:

“We’re loosely aiming for these strips to be, broadly, about Columbus. I want it to be loosely defined to provide greater artistic freedom and a wide range of voices over the long-term. One artist could tell a historical story about Columbus, another could feature speculative fiction. One could invent a Columbus super hero, while another envisions the city being attacked by aliens. One could be slice-of-life, another a memoir. As long as it’s about Columbus in some way, we’re good.”

Basically, both Justin wants you to strut your stuff.  (Me too! So create a submission based on your tastes and your strengths.)

Be a Cheerleader:
The length of time that this feature will run in the Alive will no doubt revolve around response it gets from the public, so do your part: like and share the cartoons as they show up on Alive facebook page,  retweet the Alive blurbs about it on twitter and do whatever it is exactly people do to share on G+, while it’s still a thing.

(Obviously, this isn’t a requirement, but you better believe that I’ll be watching which cartoonists are doing their part to help make this feature a success by cheerleading for it on social media.   All things being equal, cartoonists showing some community spirit, as it were, will get more gigs than those who don’t.)


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